Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Day Eight: Sometimes You Just Have To Walk Away

Early the next day Holly called, she was in tears, I guessed it was due to having another argument with her parents. I was right, but this time I was involved, Holly was pregnant and her parents were extremely mad at her. I agreed to visiting her later, not because I cared, but because I had realised earlier that my house was a bit bare still and could do with some new items.
In the late afternoon of that day, I visited Central Park to scout for some lovely ladies. Turned out I was in luck, shorty after I arrived a woman turned up. She seemed to be pretty bored so me being me decided to change that for her. I introduced myself to her and within minutes she was agreeing to come round mine for somewhere more quiet to 'talk'.
She was swooning all over me, she was most definately the easiest woman I had come across to charm in this town so far. It was infact her who initiated all the making out on the bed stuff. I was surprised as to how well my trip to the park had turned out!
In the evening I dropped by Holly's house to 'see how she was doing'. She was pleased to see me and I had to feign being pleasant and all charming for quite some time before she left me alone in the room.
As soon as she visited the bathroom, I quickly swiped some stuff and casually left without saying goodbye. This woman seemed to have way to much baggage, I didn't need or want any of that. So I left her there hoping never to have to see her again.