Friday, 28 August 2009

Day Seven: The 'Bundle of Joy' Arrives

I was awoken by my phone ringing, I answered it to hear a woman sobbing down the other end. Turns out it was Holly who I met yesterday, she had had another argument with her parents and wanted to know if I was free. Of course I was, I knew just the way to cheer her up. I invited her over and within minutes she was at my door, I greeted her with an amorous hug and invited her inside.
I took her straight upstairs and set about making her feel better. I heard no complaints, in fact I believe she rather enjoyed herself. She hadn't had that good a time in forever she told me as I put some clothes on. I smiled to myself, excellent I had another woman reeled in. My phone rang again and it was Ayesha, she had given birth to a girl and had named it Mendy.
After excusing myself from my own house, I went to see Ayesha. After all the turmoil of pregnancy I gave her an amazing massage and feigned interest in the little bundle that was inside.
As soon as we were inside, I pulled Ayesha into her room, declaring that after seeing my first daughter I was crazy about having another one. She was surprised that I was so keen to rush into fatherhood, but this did not stop her and yet again she was under the covers. She had no suspicions of me, she thought I was a charming guy who wanted to start a family with her. How naive.
I left Ayesha to sleep and padded into the bathroom, I spied a nice pair of sinks and decided to swipe one, who needs two anyway?
I strolled into the living room and bumped into one of Ayesha's housemates. She was surprised to see a half-naked toned man wandering around but I think the surprise was a pleasant one for her. Ayesha turned up with the baby, I sensed a bit of jealousy from her as I chatted away with her friend, but did I care? Of course not, I had locked my eyes on my next lady.

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