Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Day One: And So It Begins

The house i was placed in was a dive, sure it could be seen as quaint and cosy, but i was a man of taste. Oh, don't be fooled I am not picky with my women, I like each and every one of you. But when it comes to houses i like mine extravagant.
Another thing you should know about me, I don't hang about. And if you are questioning my choice in introducing myself to a man, well let me tell you a rule: A rich man will, 90% of the time, lead you straight to his rich wife. For now, i decided to concentrate on the woman i made laugh ever so much.
Later that evening i thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself to my neighbours, lulling everybody around me into thinking that i'm a friendly handsome young man is what i do best, that way they never suspect a thing. Inside i met a young man named Leighton and his elderly mother Yumi.
Now, you didn't think i had any morality in me did you? I will steal from the elderly as much as anyone else.
I returned home, my stomach full from the dinner the Sekemoto's gave me so generously, and went to bed ready for the next day of charming and swiping.

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