Thursday, 20 August 2009

Day Two: Marriage Seems Oddly Popular

When i awoke the next day I decided to test the undesirable bath, the water was freezing cold and the paint was chipping off, but it did give me time to think about my next move...
As I gleefully sat in dear old Yumi's lounge chair and had my breakfast I decided today I needed to broaden my horizons and meet a few more women, and if she was lucky i would give that woman i met at the political protest a call.
I decided to hit the library as many a time i have met an interesting lady at such a place, unfortunately there were only two women lingering around. The first was Juanita, my eyes twinkled as she told me of her career in the police force and how she was happily married. Another thing you should know about me is I like a challenge, and standing before my eyes was a great one.
The second woman i met was pretty little Meredith, she was also married. I pondered to myself whether i would find any single ladies in this town, if not the married men of Sunset Valley had best get prepared as an illegitimate child may be the next new household item. Now i don't want you thinking that i would let married women slip through the cracks. I do not care in the slightest about disrupting cosy family life.
I returned home with a feeling that this was just not moving fast enough, i rang the woman i met at the political protest and invited her over, obviously she agreed. She sure was talkative and took a little longer warming up than most other woman who have been graced by my presence. It took me the rest of the day to lure her into thinking that she was the only woman for me. Sadly she left and i was left with an empty bed for the night again...

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