Saturday, 22 August 2009

Day Four: What A Success

I came to the conclusion that Ayesha was a safe bet, she laughed at every joke I told, swooned over me when I complimented her and most of all she utterly enjoyed the massage I gave her last time. I called her up and invited her over again to finish where we had left off, within minutes she was at my doorstep looking eager. I gave her an amorous hug and a quick kiss on her arrival she knew how I 'felt' for her. She mistook my affection for me falling in love with wrong she was!
I invited her inside for a 'cuddle' on the bed. This was the best way to get women there I had discovered, the cuddle appeals to them as it makes you seem all emotional and sentimental. I put my arm round her and she smiled in a satisfied manner whilst I grinned smugly.
My theory was correct, Ayesha was like 'putty in my hands' and she sure enjoyed her visit round mine. As we relaxed on the bed and chatted afterwards, as women like to, my mind was elsewhere...this room was pretty bare in its furnishings...

As soon as I got rid of Ayesha I thought I would visit Iqbal whom I met the other night at the park. As I stood outside I noticed some party balloons, perhaps I was in luck and there was a party going on? In my book, parties meant women and plenty of distractions for people as to not notice me swiping things from under their noses.
Sadly as I was invited inside I discovered there was no party it was just a few teenagers lounging around doing their homework. There was a female but she was a tad too young for me, she was pretty though so I decided that when she grew up I would pay her a visit. The lack of party did not stop me from helping myself to Iqbal's bar to rustle up a quick drink.
I joined the teenage boys in the kitchen and thought it would be appropriate to compliment their home and all of its wonderful decor. I don't think they realised the true meaning of this, that in fact I would soon be taking this 'wonderful' decor and furnishing my own home with it.
After my drink and when I was sure the teenagers would not interrupt me I returned to the room with the bar in it and swiped a few items, the bar stool seemed comfy and I needed a few more lights for my house. After this I took a sharpish exit and returned home with my new items. What a successful day, a woman impregnated and swiped goods for my home!

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