Friday, 21 August 2009

Day Three: Night Time Is Good Time

I rose early and headed downtown to the gym. I was planning on having a quick work out but I was stopped in my tracks by a woman who introduced herself as Cornelia Goth. The women in this town could not help themsleves, every woman stopped and stared as I waltzed in, I don't blame them but they should be more careful because if I see you then, sooner or later, you will be my next...I can't say victim as that implies their unwilligness and that is what these women are most certainly I will use the term 'subject'.
Upon leaving the gym, I introduced myself to a lonely looking lady outside the theatre. She seemed well-dressed a sure sign that she was quite possibly rich. I needed a new house to swipe from, the Sekemoto's furniture wasn't really that inspiring.
Later that evening I jumped into a taxi and visited central park. This taxi business was getting to me, I wanted my own car. However, charming the female taxi driver was a pleasant way to pass the short journey.
Central Park seemed pretty dead as it was rather late, but my training taught me not to rush into things. I did a quick once-over and sure enough there was one lone person still here, an older man by the pond fishing. At this rate I could have been there all night waiting for the desperate fisherman to leave so I felt that through my introduction it might make him realise that he really should be leaving as it was late. After a brief chat I discovered that this gentleman was Iqbal Alvi, a neighbour of mine. Excellent news, I would soon be paying old Iqbal a 'friendly' visit.
As soon as he left and after I quickly checked again that still there was no-one around I got down to some swiping. There wasn't much around but I managed to swipe a few more chairs for my house and a great big streetlight. As I made my way home in yet another taxi I planned my next day, what woman would I invite over? and would Iqbal soon have a little less furniture?

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