Saturday, 22 August 2009

Day Five: The Late Bird Does Not Catch The Worm

The phrase 'the early bird catches the worm' rung true in my head. After my late night at the Alvi's I had arisen late, resulting in most of the day gone. Instead of seeing this as a setback I went to the library to see if there were any avaliable books on improving the success of my natural charisma talent. In this career path you have to be the best and to be the best you have to constantly improve. As I neared the library steps the phrase wasn't the only thing ringing.

I answered my phone to a hysterical Ayesha, she annouced her 'surprise' pregnancy and how I was most definately the father. As I feigned interest into possible baby names I smiled to myself as my plan had finally been kickstarted.
It took me a while to stop Ayesha cooing over all the toys she had seen and what she wanted to buy the little baby, but eventually she ran out of things to say. I do not have much interest in my offspring they are simply a means of infiltrating this world. I hope you weren't thinking that I would play an active role in my childrens lives did you?
Finally after most of the day already gone, I entered the library and found a suitable book that would enable me to woo these women more quickly and successfully.
After leaving the library i strolled home on my way past the Alvi residence I noticed some tables and chairs and without further ado I took them.No surprise there ey! They look better in my house anyway. With Ayesha bearing my child, tomorrow i would find my next suitable woman.

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